$ python -m pip install gwtrigfind

Supported python versions: 2.7, 3.4+.

$ conda install -c conda-forge gwtrigfind

Supported python versions: 2.7, 3.5+.

$ apt-get install python3-gwtrigfind

Supported python versions: 2.7, 3.4 (Jessie), 3.5 (Stretch), 3.6 (Buster), click here for instructions on how to add the required debian repositories.

$ yum install python2-gwtrigfind

Supported python versions: 2.7, click here for instructions on how to add the required yum repositories.

$ port install py37-gwtrigfind

Supported python versions: 2.7, 3.6+.

Package overview

Discover event trigger files in standard archive locations

gwtrigfind allows simple discovery of event trigger files generated by automated processing of data from gravitational-wave detectors.


find_daily_cbc_files(channel, start, end[, …]) Find daily CBC analysis trigger files
find_detchar_files(channel, start, end[, …]) Find files in the detchar home directory following T1300468
find_dmt_omega_files(channel, start, end[, …]) Find DMT-Omega trigger XML files.
find_kleinewelle_files(channel, start, end) Find KleineWelle output event files
find_omega_online_files(channel, start, end) Find Omega triggers produced by online processes
find_pycbc_live_files(channel, start, end[, …]) Find CBC pycbc live trigger files
find_trigger_files(channel, etg, start, end, …) Find the paths of trigger files for this channel and ETG.
find_trigger_urls(*args, **kwargs) DEPRECATED: use find_trigger_files() instead

See Also

Running on the command line

The gwtrigfind package includes a command-line executable with the same name, which takes in a channel name, ETG name, GPS start time, and GPS stop time, and will display the locations of known files, for example to find all Omicron files for L1:GDS-CALIB_STRAIN for the day of January 1 2016 (UTC):

$ gwtrigfind L1:GDS-CALIB_STRAIN omicron 1135641617 1135728017

For a full listing of all arguments and options, run:

$ gwtrigfind --help


The command-line interface can also be accessed via

$ python -m gwtrigfind --help